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2019 Florida Statutes

Petition for appointment of guardian or professional guardian; contents.
F.S. 744.334
744.334 Petition for appointment of guardian or professional guardian; contents.
(1) Every petition for the appointment of a guardian shall be verified by the petitioner and shall contain statements, to the best of petitioner’s knowledge and belief, showing the name, age, residence, and post office address of the alleged incapacitated person or minor; the nature of her or his incapacity, if any; the extent of guardianship desired, either plenary or limited; the residence and post office address of the petitioner; the names and addresses of the next of kin of the incapacitated person or minor, if known to the petitioner; the name of the proposed guardian; the relationship and previous relationship of the proposed guardian to the ward; the nature and value of property subject to the guardianship; and the reasons why this person should be appointed guardian. If a willing and qualified guardian cannot be located, the petition must so state.
(2) The petition for appointment of a professional guardian must comply with the provisions of subsection (1), and must state that the petitioner is a professional guardian. 11, 26, ch. 75-222; s. 7, ch. 79-221; s. 36, ch. 89-96; s. 21, ch. 90-271; s. 8, ch. 96-354; s. 1784, ch. 97-102.