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HB 7041: Florida Statutes/General

REVISER'S/GENERAL BILL by Rules Committee ; Grant, M.

Florida Statutes/General; Deletes provisions that have expired, have become obsolete, have had their effect, have served their purpose, or have been impliedly repealed or superseded; replaces incorrect cross-references & citations; corrects grammatical, typographical, & like errors; removes inconsistencies, redundancies, & unnecessary repetition in statutes; & improves clarity of statutes & facilitates their correct interpretation.

Effective Date: on the 60th day after adjournment
Last Action: 3/20/2019 House - Laid on Table, companion bill(s) passed, see SB 4 (Ch. 2019-3) -HJ 452
Bill Text: PDF

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  • Bill History

    Date Chamber Action
    2/20/2019 House • Filed
    2/21/2019 House • Referred to Calendar -HJ 276
    3/5/2019 House • Introduced -HJ 276
    3/14/2019 House • Placed on Special Order Calendar, 03/20/19
    3/20/2019 House • Substituted SB 4 -HJ 452
    • Laid on Table, companion bill(s) passed, see SB 4 (Ch. 2019-3) -HJ 452

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  • HB 7041, Original Filed Version (Current Bill Version) Posted 2/20/2019 at 11:18 AM

    Bill Text:   PDF
    Analyses:   Rules Committee (Post-Meeting) 5/20/2019 (pdf)

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    S 4 (er) Florida Statutes Benacquisto Identical Last Action: 4/4/2019 Chapter No. 2019-3

    Citations - Statutes (134)

    Citation Catchline Location in Bill Location In Bill Help
    16.615 Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys.
    17.076 Direct deposit of funds.
    20.43 Department of Health.
    25.077 Negligence case settlements and jury verdicts; case reporting.
    27.34 Limitations on payment of salaries and other related costs of state attorneys’ offices other than by the state.
    27.54 Limitation on payment of expenditures other than by the state.
    29.005 State attorneys’ offices and prosecution expenses.
    29.006 Indigent defense costs.
    30.15 Powers, duties, and obligations.
    39.001 Purposes and intent; personnel standards and screening.
    39.01 Definitions.
    39.0121 Specific rulemaking authority.
    39.0139 Visitation or other contact; restrictions.
    39.2015 Critical incident rapid response team.
    39.202 Confidentiality of reports and records in cases of child abuse or neglect.
    39.301 Initiation of protective investigations.
    39.303 Child protection teams and sexual abuse treatment programs; services; eligible cases.
    39.3031 Rules for implementation of s. 39.303.
    39.3035 Child advocacy centers; standards; state funding.
    39.304 Photographs, medical examinations, X rays, and medical treatment of abused, abandoned, or neglected child.
    39.3068 Reports of medical neglect.
    39.307 Reports of child-on-child sexual abuse.
    39.5086 Kinship navigator programs.
    39.521 Disposition hearings; powers of disposition.
    105.036 Initiative for method of selection for circuit or county court judges; procedures for placement on ballot.
    119.071 General exemptions from inspection or copying of public records.
    121.71 Uniform rates; process; calculations; levy.
    154.067 Child abuse and neglect cases; duties.
    159.834 Allocation of state volume limitation.
    163.3164 Community Planning Act; definitions.
    163.3177 Required and optional elements of comprehensive plan; studies and surveys.
    193.4615 Assessment of obsolete agricultural equipment.
    196.075 Additional homestead exemption for persons 65 and older.
    196.1975 Exemption for property used by nonprofit homes for the aged.
    210.03 Prohibition against levying of cigarette taxes by municipalities.
    216.136 Consensus estimating conferences; duties and principals.
    218.135 Offset for tax loss associated with reductions in value of certain citrus fruit packing and processing equipment.
    218.401 Purpose.
    220.11 Tax imposed.
    243.20 Definitions.
    259.105 The Florida Forever Act.
    282.705 Use of state SUNCOM Network by nonprofit corporations.
    288.9623 Definitions.
    316.614 Safety belt usage.
    322.09 Application of minors; responsibility for negligence or misconduct of minor.
    328.76 Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund; vessel registration funds; appropriation and distribution.
    348.0012 Exemptions from applicability.
    364.163 Network access services.
    373.206 Artesian wells; flow regulated.
    373.5905 Reinstatement of payments in lieu of taxes; duration.
    380.0651 Statewide guidelines, standards, and exemptions.
    381.0072 Food service protection.
    381.984 Educational programs.
    383.3362 Sudden Unexpected Infant Death.
    383.402 Child abuse death review; State Child Abuse Death Review Committee; local child abuse death review committees.
    388.021 Creation of mosquito control districts.
    391.026 Powers and duties of the department.
    393.063 Definitions.
    395.1023 Child abuse and neglect cases; duties.
    395.1055 Rules and enforcement.
    395.4025 Trauma centers; selection; quality assurance; records.
    397.6760 Court records; confidentiality.
    400.235 Nursing home quality and licensure status; Gold Seal Program.
    400.471 Application for license; fee.
    400.4785 Patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other related disorders; staff training requirements; certain disclosures.
    400.991 License requirements; background screenings; prohibitions.
    401.024 System approval.
    402.305 Licensing standards; child care facilities.
    402.310 Disciplinary actions; hearings upon denial, suspension, or revocation of license or registration; administrative fines.
    402.56 Children’s cabinet; organization; responsibilities; annual report.
    403.861 Department; powers and duties.
    408.036 Projects subject to review; exemptions.
    408.802 Applicability.
    408.820 Exemptions.
    409.017 Revenue Maximization Act; legislative intent; revenue maximization program.
    409.145 Care of children; quality parenting; “reasonable and prudent parent” standard.
    409.815 Health benefits coverage; limitations.
    409.9083 Quality assessment on privately operated intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled; exemptions; purpose; federal approval required; remedies.
    440.45 Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims.
    455.2286 Automated information system.
    458.348 Formal supervisory relationships, standing orders, and established protocols; notice; standards.
    459.025 Formal supervisory relationships, standing orders, and established protocols; notice; standards.
    459.026 Reports of adverse incidents in office practice settings.
    468.432 Licensure of community association managers and community association management firms; exceptions.
    480.033 Definitions.
    483.285 Application of part; exemptions.
    491.012 Violations; penalty; injunction.
    501.011 Credit cards; unsolicited delivery or mailing prohibited.
    527.0201 Qualifiers; master qualifiers; examinations.
    560.109 Examinations and investigations.
    578.08 Registrations.
    578.11 Duties, authority, and rules of the department.
    578.13 Prohibitions.
    590.02 Florida Forest Service; powers, authority, and duties; liability; building structures; Withlacoochee Training Center.
    624.509 Premium tax; rate and computation.
    627.40951 Standard personal lines residential insurance policy.
    627.746 Coverage for minors who have a learner’s driver license; additional premium prohibited.
    634.436 Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined.
    641.3107 Delivery of contract; definitions.
    641.511 Subscriber grievance reporting and resolution requirements.
    655.825 Deposits in trust; applicability of s. 655.82 in place of former s. 655.81.
    718.121 Liens.
    736.0403 Trusts created in other jurisdictions; formalities required for revocable trusts.
    825.101 Definitions.
    893.055 Prescription drug monitoring program.
    893.0551 Public records exemption for the prescription drug monitoring program.
    893.13 Prohibited acts; penalties.
    900.05 Criminal justice data collection.
    934.255 Subpoenas in investigations of sexual offenses.
    943.0585 Court-ordered expunction of criminal history records.
    943.1758 Curriculum revision for diverse populations; skills training.
    944.115 Smoking prohibited inside state correctional facilities.
    985.48 Juvenile sexual offender commitment programs; sexual abuse intervention networks.
    1002.33 Charter schools.
    1002.36 Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.
    1002.385 The Gardiner Scholarship.
    1002.395 Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.
    1002.82 Office of Early Learning; powers and duties.
    1004.085 Textbook and instructional materials affordability.
    1004.097 Free expression on campus.
    1004.6495 Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program and Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities.
    1005.03 Designation “college” or “university.”
    1005.06 Institutions not under the jurisdiction or purview of the commission.
    1006.061 Child abuse, abandonment, and neglect policy.
    1006.12 Safe-school officers at each public school.
    1007.24 Statewide course numbering system.
    1007.273 Collegiate high school program.
    1008.31 Florida’s K-20 education performance accountability system; legislative intent; mission, goals, and systemwide measures; data quality improvements.
    1009.89 The William L. Boyd, IV, Effective Access to Student Education grants.
    1011.69 Equity in School-Level Funding Act.
    1011.71 District school tax.
    1012.2315 Assignment of teachers.
    1012.584 Continuing education and inservice training for youth mental health awareness and assistance.
    1013.62 Charter schools capital outlay funding.

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