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2019 Florida Statutes

Specialty registration; qualifications; registration renewal; endorsement.
F.S. 477.0201
477.0201 Specialty registration; qualifications; registration renewal; endorsement.
(1) Any person is qualified for registration as a specialist in any one or more of the specialty practices within the practice of cosmetology under this chapter who:
(a) Is at least 16 years of age or has received a high school diploma.
(b) Has received a certificate of completion in a specialty pursuant to s. 477.013(6) from one of the following:
1. A school licensed pursuant to s. 477.023.
2. A school licensed pursuant to chapter 1005 or the equivalent licensing authority of another state.
3. A specialty program within the public school system.
4. A specialty division within the Cosmetology Division of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, provided the training programs comply with minimum curriculum requirements established by the board.
(2) A person desiring to be registered as a specialist shall apply to the department in writing upon forms prepared and furnished by the department.
(3) Upon paying the initial registration fee, the department shall register the applicant to practice one or more of the specialty practices within the practice of cosmetology.
(4) Renewal of registration shall be accomplished pursuant to rules adopted by the board.
(5) The board shall adopt rules specifying procedures for the registration of specialty practitioners desiring to be registered in this state who have been registered or licensed and are practicing in states which have registering or licensing standards substantially similar to, equivalent to, or more stringent than the standards of this state.
(6) Pending issuance of registration, a person is eligible to practice as a specialist upon submission of a registration application that includes proof of successful completion of the education requirements and payment of the applicable fees required by this chapter, provided such practice is under the supervision of a registered specialist in a licensed specialty or cosmetology salon. 25, 36, ch. 85-297; s. 4, ch. 87-69; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 39, ch. 95-144; s. 11, ch. 98-323; s. 1023, ch. 2002-387.