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The Florida Senate

2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

Financial matters; Operating Trust Fund; interagency cooperation.
F.S. 24.120
24.120 Financial matters; Operating Trust Fund; interagency cooperation.
(1) There is hereby created in the State Treasury an Operating Trust Fund to be administered in accordance with chapters 215 and 216 by the department. All money received by the department which remains after payment of prizes and initial compensation paid to retailers shall be deposited into the Operating Trust Fund. All moneys in the trust fund are appropriated to the department for the purposes specified in this act.
(2) Moneys available for the payment of prizes on a deferred basis shall be invested by the State Board of Administration in accordance with a trust agreement approved by the secretary and entered into between the department and the State Board of Administration in accordance with ss. 215.44-215.53. The investments authorized by this subsection shall be done in a manner designed to preserve capital and to ensure the integrity of the lottery disbursement system by eliminating the risk of payment of funds when due and to produce equal annual sums of money over the required term of the investments.
(3) Any action required by law to be taken by the Chief Financial Officer shall be taken within 2 business days after the department’s request therefor. If the request for action is not approved or rejected within that time period, the request shall be deemed to be approved. The department shall reimburse the Chief Financial Officer for any additional costs involved in providing the level of service required by this subsection.
(4) The department shall cooperate with the Chief Financial Officer, the Auditor General, and the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability by giving employees designated by any of them access to facilities of the department for the purpose of efficient compliance with their respective responsibilities.
(5) With respect to any reimbursement that the department is required to pay to any state agency, the department may enter into an agreement with a state agency under which the department shall pay to the state agency an amount reasonably anticipated to cover the reimbursable expenses in advance of the expenses being incurred.
(6) The Department of Management Services may authorize a sales incentive program for employees of the department for the purpose of increasing the sales volume and distribution of lottery tickets. Payments pursuant to the program shall not be construed to be lump-sum salary bonuses.
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