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2010 Florida Statutes

Property owners’ association neighborhood improvement districts; creation; powers and duties; duration.
F.S. 163.508

Property owners’ association neighborhood improvement districts; creation; powers and duties; duration.


After a local planning ordinance has been adopted authorizing the creation of property owners’ association neighborhood improvement districts, the local governing body of a municipality or county may create property owners’ association neighborhood improvement districts by the enactment of a separate ordinance for each district, which ordinance:


Establishes that an incorporated property owners’ association representing 75 percent of all owners of property within a proposed district meeting the requirements of this section has petitioned the governing body of the municipality or county for creation of a district for the area encompassed by the property owned by members of the association.


Specifies the boundaries, size, and name of the district.


Authorizes the governing body through mutual agreement with the property owners’ association to:


Request a matching grant from the state’s Safe Neighborhoods Program to prepare the first year’s safe neighborhood improvement plan. The provider of the local match for the state grant shall be mutually agreed upon between the governing body and the property owners’ association. The governing body may agree to provide the match as a no-interest-bearing loan to be paid back from assessments imposed by the association on its members or shareholders.


Provide staff and other technical assistance to the property owners’ association on a mutually agreed-upon basis, contractual or otherwise.


Prepare the first year’s safe neighborhood improvement plan, which shall comply with and be consistent with the governing body’s adopted comprehensive plan.


Provides for an audit of the property owners’ association.


Designates the officers of the incorporated property owners’ association as the board of directors of the district.


May prohibit the use of any district power authorized by s. 163.514.


Requires the district to notify the Department of Legal Affairs and the Department of Community Affairs in writing of its establishment within 30 days thereof pursuant to s. 163.5055.


In order to qualify for the creation of a neighborhood improvement district, the property owners shall form an association in compliance with this section, or use an existing property owners’ association in compliance with this section, which shall be a corporation, for profit or not for profit, and of which not less than 75 percent of all property owners within the proposed area have consented in writing to become members or shareholders. Upon such consent by 75 percent of the property owners in the proposed district, all consenting property owners and their successors shall become members of the association and shall be bound by the provisions of the articles of incorporation, the bylaws of the association, the covenants, the deed restrictions, the indentures, and any other properly promulgated restrictions. The association shall have no member or shareholder who is not a bona fide owner of property within the proposed district. Upon receipt of its certificate of incorporation, the property owners’ association shall notify the clerk of the city or county court, whichever is appropriate, in writing, of such incorporation and shall list the names and addresses of the officers of the association.


Any incorporated property owners’ association operating pursuant to this part shall have the power:


To negotiate with the governing body of a municipality or county for closing, privatizing, or modifying the rights-of-way, and appurtenances thereto, within the district.


To utilize various legal instruments such as covenants, deed restrictions, and indentures to preserve and maintain the integrity of property, land, and rights-of-way owned and conveyed to it within the district.


To make and collect assessments against all property within the boundaries of the district pursuant to the provisions of s. 163.514(16) and to lease, maintain, repair, and reconstruct any privatized street, land, or common area within the district upon dedication thereof to the association.


Without the joinder of any property owner, to modify, move, or create any easement for ingress and egress or for the purpose of utilities, if such easement constitutes part of or crosses district property. However, this shall not authorize the association to modify or move any easement which is created in whole or in part for the use or benefit of anyone other than association members, or which crosses the property of anyone other than association members, without the consent or approval of such person as required by law or by the instrument creating the easement. Nothing in this paragraph shall affect the rights of ingress or egress of any member of the association.


A property owners’ association neighborhood improvement district shall continue in perpetuity as long as the property owners’ association created pursuant to this section exists under the applicable laws of the state.


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