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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 252.32

Policy and purpose.


Because of the existing and continuing possibility of the occurrence of emergencies and disasters resulting from natural, technological, or manmade causes; in order to ensure that preparations of this state will be adequate to deal with, reduce vulnerability to, and recover from such emergencies and disasters; to provide for the common defense and to protect the public peace, health, and safety; and to preserve the lives and property of the people of the state, it is hereby found and declared to be necessary:


To create a state emergency management agency to be known as the “Division of Emergency Management,” to authorize the creation of local organizations for emergency management in the political subdivisions of the state, and to authorize cooperation with the Federal Government and the governments of other states.


To confer upon the Governor, the Division of Emergency Management, and the governing body of each political subdivision of the state the emergency powers provided herein.


To provide for the rendering of mutual aid among the political subdivisions of the state, with other states, and with the Federal Government with respect to carrying out all emergency management functions and responsibilities.


To authorize the establishment of such organizations and the development and employment of such measures as are necessary and appropriate to carry out the provisions of ss. 252.31.


To provide the means to assist in the prevention or mitigation of emergencies which may be caused or aggravated by inadequate planning for, and regulation of, public and private facilities and land use.


It is further declared to be the purpose of ss. 252.31 and the policy of the state that all emergency management functions of the state be coordinated to the maximum extent with comparable functions of the Federal Government, including its various departments, agencies of other states and localities, and private agencies of every type, to the end that the most effective preparation and use may be made of the workforce, resources, and facilities of the nation for dealing with any emergency that may occur.


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