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2010 Florida Statutes

Emergency coordination officers; disaster-preparedness plans.
F.S. 252.365

Emergency coordination officers; disaster-preparedness plans.


The head of each executive department, the executive director of each water management district, the Public Service Commission, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and the Department of Military Affairs shall select from within such agency a person to be designated as the emergency coordination officer for the agency and an alternate.


The emergency coordination officer is responsible for coordinating with the division on emergency preparedness issues, preparing and maintaining emergency preparedness and postdisaster response and recovery plans for such agency, maintaining rosters of personnel to assist in disaster operations, and coordinating appropriate training for agency personnel.


These individuals shall be responsible for ensuring that each state agency and facility, such as a prison, office building, or university, has a disaster preparedness plan that is coordinated with the applicable local emergency-management agency and approved by the division.


The disaster-preparedness plan must outline a comprehensive and effective program to ensure continuity of essential state functions under all circumstances. The plan must identify a baseline of preparedness for a full range of potential emergencies to establish a viable capability to perform essential functions during any emergency or other situation that disrupts normal operations.


The plan must include, at a minimum, the following elements: identification of essential functions, programs, and personnel; procedures to implement the plan and personnel notification and accountability; delegations of authority and lines of succession; identification of alternative facilities and related infrastructure, including those for communications; identification and protection of vital records and databases; and schedules and procedures for periodic tests, training, and exercises.


The division shall develop and distribute guidelines for developing and implementing the plan. Each agency is encouraged to initiate and complete development of its plan immediately, but no later than July 1, 2003.


The head of each agency shall notify the Governor and the division in writing of the person initially designated as the emergency coordination officer for such agency and her or his alternate and of any changes in persons so designated thereafter.


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