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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 298.47

Supervisors may issue bonds.


The board of supervisors may, if in their judgment it seems best, issue bonds not to exceed 90 percent of the total amount of the non-ad valorem assessments, exclusive of the amount for interest, levied under the provisions of s. 298.305, in denominations of not less than $100, bearing interest from date at rate as provided by general law, payable semiannually, to mature at annual intervals within 30 years, commencing after a period of years not later than 10 years, to be determined by the board of supervisors, both principal and interest payable at some convenient banking house or trust company’s office to be named in said bonds, which said bonds shall be signed by the president of the board of supervisors, attested with the seal of said district and by the signature of the secretary of the said board. Section 12, Art. VII of the State Constitution shall be complied with as to all such bonds as are within its purview. All of said bonds shall be executed and delivered to the treasurer of said district, who shall sell the same in such quantities and at such dates as the board of supervisors may deem necessary to meet the payments for the works and improvements in the district. Said treasurer shall, at the time of the receipt by him or her of said bonds, execute and deliver to the president of the board of said district, a bond with good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the said board of supervisors, conditioned that the treasurer shall account for and pay over, as required by law and as ordered to do by said board of supervisors, any and all money received by him or her on the sale of such bonds, or any of them, and that the treasurer will only sell and deliver such bonds to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, under and according to the terms herein prescribed, and that the treasurer will return, duly canceled, any and all bonds not sold to the board of supervisors when ordered by said board so to do, which said surety bond shall remain in the custody of the said president of said board of supervisors, who shall produce the same for inspection or for use as evidence whenever and wherever legally requested so to do.


The aforesaid bond of said treasurer may, if the said board shall so direct, be furnished by a surety or bonding company, which may be approved by said board of supervisors; provided, if it should be deemed more expedient to the board of supervisors, as to money derived from the sale of bonds issued, said board may, by resolution, select some suitable bank or banks, or other depository, as temporary treasurer or treasurers, to hold and disburse said moneys on the orders of the board as the work progresses, until such fund is exhausted or transferred to the treasurer by order of the said board of supervisors.


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