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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 319.25

Cancellation of certificates.


If it appears that a certificate of title has been improperly issued, the department shall cancel the certificate. Upon cancellation of any certificate of title, the department shall notify the person to whom the certificate of title was issued, as well as any lienholders appearing thereon, of the cancellation and shall demand the surrender of the certificate of title, but the cancellation shall not affect the validity of any lien noted thereon. The holder of the certificate of title shall return it to the department forthwith. If a certificate of registration has been issued to the holder of a certificate of title so canceled, the department shall immediately cancel the certificate of registration and demand the return of such certificate of registration and license plate or mobile home sticker; and the holder of such certificate of registration and license plate or sticker shall return them to the department forthwith.


The department is authorized, upon application of any person and payment of the proper fees, to prepare and furnish lists containing title information in such form as the department may authorize, to search the records of the department and make reports thereof, and to make photographic copies of the department records and attestations thereof, except as provided in chapter 119.


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