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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 393.502

Family care councils.


CREATION.There shall be established and located within each service area of the agency a family care council.




Each local family care council shall consist of at least 10 and no more than 15 members recommended by a majority vote of the local family care council and appointed by the Governor.


At least three of the members of the council must be consumers. One such member shall be a consumer who received services within the 4 years prior to the date of recommendation, or the legal guardian of such a consumer. The remainder of the council members shall be parents, guardians, or siblings of persons with developmental disabilities who qualify for services pursuant to this chapter.


A person who is currently serving on another board or council of the agency may not be appointed to a local family care council.


Employees of the agency are not eligible to serve on a local family care council.


Persons related by consanguinity or affinity within the third degree shall not serve on the same local family care council at the same time.


A chair for the council shall be chosen by the council members to serve for 1 year. A person may serve no more than four 1-year terms as chair.




Council members shall be appointed for a 3-year term, except as provided in subsection (8), and may be reappointed to one additional term.


A member who has served two consecutive terms shall not be eligible to serve again until 12 months have elapsed since ending his or her service on the local council.


Upon expiration of a term or in the case of any other vacancy, the local council shall, by majority vote, recommend to the Governor for appointment a person for each vacancy.


COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS.The chair of the local family care council may appoint persons to serve on council committees. Such persons may include former members of the council and persons not eligible to serve on the council.




The agency, in consultation with the local councils, shall establish a training program for local family care council members. Each local area shall provide the training program when new persons are appointed to the local council and at other times as the secretary deems necessary.


The training shall assist the council members to understand the laws, rules, and policies applicable to their duties and responsibilities.


All persons appointed to a local council must complete this training within 90 days after their appointment. A person who fails to meet this requirement shall be considered to have resigned from the council.


MEETINGS.Council members shall serve on a voluntary basis without payment for their services but shall be reimbursed for per diem and travel expenses as provided for in s. 112.061. The council shall meet at least six times per year.


PURPOSE.The purpose of the local family care councils shall be to advise the agency, to develop a plan for the delivery of family support services within the local area, and to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of services and support provided under the plan. The primary functions of the local family care councils shall be to:


Assist in providing information and outreach to families.


Review the effectiveness of service programs and make recommendations with respect to program implementation.


Advise the agency with respect to policy issues relevant to the community and family support system in the local area.


Meet and share information with other local family care councils.


NEW COUNCILS.When a local family care council is established for the first time in a local area, the Governor shall appoint the first four council members, who shall serve 3-year terms. These members shall submit to the Governor, within 90 days after their appointment, recommendations for at least six additional members, selected by majority vote.


FUNDING; FINANCIAL REVIEW.The local family care council may apply for, receive, and accept grants, gifts, donations, bequests, and other payments from any public or private entity or person. Each local council is subject to an annual financial review by staff assigned by the agency. Each local council shall exercise care and prudence in the expenditure of funds. The local family care councils shall comply with state expenditure requirements.


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