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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 712.05

Effect of filing notice.


Any person claiming an interest in land or a homeowners’ association desiring to preserve any covenant or restriction may preserve and protect the same from extinguishment by the operation of this act by filing for record, during the 30-year period immediately following the effective date of the root of title, a notice, in writing, in accordance with the provisions hereof, which notice shall have the effect of so preserving such claim of right or such covenant or restriction or portion of such covenant or restriction for a period of not longer than 30 years after filing the same unless again filed as required herein. No disability or lack of knowledge of any kind on the part of anyone shall delay the commencement of or suspend the running of said 30-year period. Such notice may be filed for record by the claimant or by any other person acting on behalf of any claimant who is:


Under a disability,


Unable to assert a claim on his or her behalf, or


One of a class, but whose identity cannot be established or is uncertain at the time of filing such notice of claim for record.

Such notice may be filed by a homeowners’ association only if the preservation of such covenant or restriction or portion of such covenant or restriction is approved by at least two-thirds of the members of the board of directors of an incorporated homeowners’ association at a meeting for which a notice, stating the meeting’s time and place and containing the statement of marketable title action described in s. 712.06(1)(b), was mailed or hand delivered to members of the homeowners’ association not less than 7 days prior to such meeting.


It shall not be necessary for the owner of the marketable record title, as herein defined, to file a notice to protect his or her marketable record title.


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