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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

To audit and adjust accounts of officers and those indebted to the state.
F.S. 17.04

To audit and adjust accounts of officers and those indebted to the state.

The Chief Financial Officer, using generally accepted auditing procedures for testing or sampling, shall examine, audit, adjust, and settle the accounts of all the officers of this state, and any other person in anywise entrusted with, or who may have received any property, funds, or moneys of this state, or who may be in anywise indebted or accountable to this state for any property, funds, or moneys, and require such officer or persons to render full accounts thereof, and to yield up such property or funds according to law, or pay such moneys into the treasury of this state, or to such officer or agent of the state as may be appointed to receive the same, and on failure so to do, to cause to be instituted and prosecuted proceedings, criminal or civil, at law or in equity, against such persons, according to law. The Division of Accounting and Auditing may conduct investigations within or outside of this state as it deems necessary to aid in the enforcement of this section. If during an investigation the division has reason to believe that any criminal statute of this state has or may have been violated, the division shall refer any records tending to show such violation to state or federal law enforcement or prosecutorial agencies and shall provide investigative assistance to those agencies as required.


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