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2010 Florida Statutes

Strategic regional policy plan adoption; consistency with state comprehensive plan.
F.S. 186.508

Strategic regional policy plan adoption; consistency with state comprehensive plan.


Each regional planning council shall submit to the Executive Office of the Governor its proposed strategic regional policy plan on a schedule established by the Executive Office of the Governor to coordinate implementation of the strategic regional policy plans with the evaluation and appraisal reports required by s. 163.3191. The Executive Office of the Governor, or its designee, shall review the proposed strategic regional policy plan to ensure consistency with the adopted state comprehensive plan and shall, within 60 days, provide any recommended revisions. The Governor’s recommended revisions shall be included in the plans in a comment section. However, nothing herein shall preclude a regional planning council from adopting or rejecting any or all of the revisions as a part of its plan prior to the effective date of the plan. The rules adopting the strategic regional policy plan shall not be subject to rule challenge under s. 120.56(2) or to drawout proceedings under s. 120.54(3)(c)2., but, once adopted, shall be subject to an invalidity challenge under s. 120.56(3) by substantially affected persons, including the Executive Office of the Governor. The rules shall be adopted by the regional planning councils, and shall become effective upon filing with the Department of State, notwithstanding the provisions of s. 120.54(3)(e)6.


If a local government within the jurisdiction of a regional planning council challenges a portion of the council’s regional policy plan pursuant to s. 120.56, the applicable portion of that local government’s comprehensive plan shall not be required to be consistent with the challenged portion of the regional policy plan until 12 months after the challenge has been resolved by an administrative law judge.


All amendments to the adopted regional policy plan shall be subject to all challenges pursuant to chapter 120.


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