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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 376.3073

Local programs and state agency programs for control of contamination.


The department shall, to the greatest extent possible and cost-effective, contract with local governments to provide for the administration of its departmental responsibilities under ss. 376.305, 376.3071(4)(a)-(e), (h), (l), (n), 376.30711, 376.3072, and 376.3077 through locally administered programs. The department may also contract with state agencies to carry out the restoration activities authorized pursuant to ss. 376.3071, 376.3072, 376.305, and 376.30711. However, no such contract shall be entered into unless the local government or state agency is deemed capable of carrying out such responsibilities to the department’s satisfaction.


To this end, the department shall inform local governments as to the provisions of chapters 86-159, 88-331, and 90-98, Laws of Florida, and as to their options hereunder. At its own option, any local government may apply to the department for such purpose, on forms to be provided by the department, and shall supply such information as the department may require.


Upon approval of its application, an eligible local government shall be entitled, through written contract with the department, to receive sufficient funds to administer the local program. This contract shall provide that reasonable costs, as determined by the department and the local government, of administration, investigation, rehabilitation, other related activities, including the restoration or replacement of potable water supplies of affected persons, and implementation of a compliance verification program, shall be paid to the eligible local government from the Inland Protection Trust Fund created under s. 376.3071 and shall stipulate the method of payment. The contract may provide for an advance of working capital to the local government or state agency in order to expedite the cleanup program and in order for local government to contract for cleanup.


Under no circumstances shall the cleanup criteria employed in locally administered programs or state agency programs or pursuant to local ordinance be more stringent than the criteria established by the department pursuant to s. 376.3071(5) or s. 376.30711.


Whenever the department makes a clear determination that a local government or state agency has breached a contract to the extent that the local program or state agency program is, in the department’s estimation, inadequate to prevent or control inland petroleum contamination in such jurisdiction or that such program is being carried out in a manner inconsistent with the requirements of the contract, the department shall require that necessary corrective measures be taken by the local government or state agency within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 45 days.


If the local government or state agency fails to take such necessary corrective action within the time required, the department may reassume any or all responsibilities undertaken by the local government or state agency pursuant to this section.


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