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2010 Florida Statutes

Local ombudsman council onsite administrative assessments.
F.S. 400.0074

Local ombudsman council onsite administrative assessments.


In addition to any specific investigation conducted pursuant to a complaint, the local council shall conduct, at least annually, an onsite administrative assessment of each nursing home, assisted living facility, and adult family-care home within its jurisdiction. This administrative assessment shall focus on factors affecting the rights, health, safety, and welfare of the residents. Each local council is encouraged to conduct a similar onsite administrative assessment of each additional long-term care facility within its jurisdiction.


An onsite administrative assessment conducted by a local council shall be subject to the following conditions:


To the extent possible and reasonable, the administrative assessments shall not duplicate the efforts of the agency surveys and inspections conducted under part II of this chapter and parts I and II of chapter 429.


An administrative assessment shall be conducted at a time and for a duration necessary to produce the information required to carry out the duties of the local council.


Advance notice of an administrative assessment may not be provided to a long-term care facility, except that notice of followup assessments on specific problems may be provided.


A local council member physically present for the administrative assessment shall identify himself or herself and cite the specific statutory authority for his or her assessment of the facility.


An administrative assessment may not unreasonably interfere with the programs and activities of residents.


A local council member may not enter a single-family residential unit within a long-term care facility during an administrative assessment without the permission of the resident or the representative of the resident.


An administrative assessment must be conducted in a manner that will impose no unreasonable burden on a long-term care facility.


Regardless of jurisdiction, the ombudsman may authorize a state or local council member to assist another local council to perform the administrative assessments described in this section.


An onsite administrative assessment may not be accomplished by forcible entry. However, if the ombudsman or a state or local council member is not allowed to enter a long-term care facility, the administrator of the facility shall be considered to have interfered with a representative of the office, the state council, or the local council in the performance of official duties as described in s. 400.0083(1) and to have committed a violation of this part. The ombudsman shall report the refusal by a facility to allow entry to the agency, and the agency shall record the report and take it into consideration when determining actions allowable under s. 400.102, s. 400.121, s. 429.14, s. 429.19, s. 429.69, or s. 429.71.


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