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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 626.292

Transfer of license from another state.


Any individual licensed in good standing in another state may apply to the department to have the license transferred to this state to obtain a Florida resident agent license for the same lines of authority covered by the license in the other state.


To qualify for a license transfer, an individual applicant must meet the following requirements:


The individual shall become a resident of this state.


The individual shall have been licensed in another state for a minimum of 1 year immediately preceding the date the individual became a resident of this state.


The individual shall submit a completed application for this state which is received by the department within 90 days after the date the individual became a resident of this state, along with payment of the applicable fees set forth in s. 624.501 and submission of the following documents:


A certification issued by the appropriate official of the applicant’s home state identifying the type of license and lines of authority under the license and stating that, at the time the license from the home state was canceled, the applicant was in good standing in that state or that the state’s Producer Database records, maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, its affiliates, or subsidiaries, indicate that the agent is or was licensed in good standing for the line of authority requested.


A set of the individual applicant’s fingerprints in accordance with s. 626.171(4).


The individual shall satisfy prelicensing education requirements in this state, unless the completion of prelicensing education requirements was a prerequisite for licensure in the other state and the prelicensing education requirements in the other state are substantially equivalent to the prelicensing requirements of this state as determined by the department.


The individual shall satisfy the examination requirement under s. 626.221, unless exempt thereunder.


An applicant satisfying the requirements for a license transfer under subsection (2) shall be approved for licensure in this state unless the department finds that grounds exist under s. 626.611 or s. 626.621 for refusal, suspension, or revocation of a license.


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