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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 373.309
373.309 Authority to adopt rules and procedures.
(1) The department shall adopt, and may from time to time amend, rules governing the location, construction, repair, and abandonment of water wells and shall be responsible for the administration of this part. With respect thereto, the department shall:
(a) Enforce the provisions of this part and any rules adopted pursuant thereto.
(b) Delegate, by interagency agreement adopted pursuant to s. 373.046, to water management districts, the Department of Health, or any other political subdivision any of its authority under this part in the administration of the rules adopted hereunder under such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon, and may rescind such delegation upon a determination that the program is not being adequately administered.
(c) Establish procedures and forms for the submission, review, approval, and rejection of applications, notifications, and reports required under this part.
(d) Require at its discretion the making and filing of logs, and the saving of cuttings and cores, which shall be delivered to the department.
(e) Encourage prevention of potable water well contamination and promote cost-effective remediation of contaminated potable water supplies by use of the Water Quality Assurance Trust Fund as provided in s. 376.307(1)(e) and establish by rule:
1. Delineation of areas of groundwater contamination for implementation of well location and construction, testing, permitting, and clearance requirements as set forth in subparagraphs 2., 3., 4., 5., and 6. The department shall make available to water management districts, regional planning councils, the Department of Health, and county building and zoning departments, maps or other information on areas of contamination, including areas of ethylene dibromide contamination. Such maps or other information shall be made available to property owners, realtors, real estate associations, property appraisers, and other interested persons upon request and upon payment of appropriate costs.
2. Requirements for testing for suspected contamination in areas of known contamination, as a prerequisite for clearance of a water well for drinking purposes. The department is authorized to establish criteria for acceptance of water quality testing results from the Department of Health and laboratories certified by the Department of Health, and is authorized to establish requirements for sample collection quality assurance.
3. Requirements for mandatory connection to available potable water systems in areas of known contamination, wherein the department may prohibit the permitting and construction of new potable water wells.
4. Location and construction standards for public and all other potable water wells permitted in areas of contamination. Such standards shall be designed to minimize the effects of such contamination.
5. A procedure for permitting all potable water wells in areas of known contamination. Any new water well that is to be used for drinking water purposes and that does not meet construction standards pursuant to subparagraph 4. must be abandoned and plugged by the owner. Water management districts shall implement, through delegation from the department, the permitting and enforcement responsibilities of this subparagraph.
6. A procedure for clearing for use all potable water wells, except wells that serve a public water supply system, in areas of known contamination. If contaminants are found upon testing pursuant to subparagraph 2., a well may not be cleared for use without a filter or other means of preventing the users of the well from being exposed to deleterious amounts of contaminants. The Department of Health shall implement the responsibilities of this subparagraph.
7. Fees to be paid for well construction permits and clearance for use. The fees shall be based on the actual costs incurred by the water management districts, the Department of Health, or other political subdivisions in carrying out the responsibilities related to potable water well permitting and clearance for use. The fees shall provide revenue to cover all such costs and shall be set according to the following schedule:
a. The well construction permit fee may not exceed $500.
b. The clearance fee may not exceed $50.
8. Procedures for implementing well-location, construction, testing, permitting, and clearance requirements as set forth in subparagraphs 2.-6. within areas that research or monitoring data indicate are vulnerable to contamination with nitrate, or areas in which the department provides a subsidy for restoration or replacement of contaminated drinking water supplies through extending existing water lines or developing new water supply systems pursuant to s. 376.307(1)(e). The department shall consult with the Florida Ground Water Association in the process of developing rules pursuant to this subparagraph.

All fees and funds collected by each delegated entity pursuant to this part shall be deposited in the appropriate operating account of that entity.

(f) Issue such additional regulations and take such other actions as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this part.
(2) Notwithstanding ss. 373.219 and 373.326 or any other provision of this chapter or any rule adopted pursuant to this chapter, in any area identified by department rule pursuant to subparagraph (1)(e)1. as an area of known groundwater contamination, the department may by rule require a permit to construct or use any well which is or may be used as a source of drinking water. Rules adopted pursuant to paragraph (1)(e) shall specifically provide for uniformity in permitting of potable water wells in areas of groundwater contamination and shall be adopted by each delegated party.
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