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The Florida Senate

2014 Florida Statutes

F.S. 588.011
588.011 Legal fence; requirements.
(1) Any fence or enclosure at least 3 feet in height made of barbed or other soft wire consisting of not less than three strands of wire stretched securely on posts, trees, or other supports, standing not more than 20 feet apart; or when using battens, up to 60 feet apart for nonelectric and 150 feet apart for electric, if constructed with high tensile wire in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, shall be considered as a legal fence.
(2) Any fence or enclosure made of any other material which meets substantially the minimum requirements or specifications mentioned in subsection (1) shall be considered as a legal fence.
(3) Legal fences may include gateways or openings therein provided:
(a) That any such gateways shall be equipped with gates which are so constructed as to meet the minimum requirements or specifications of a legal fence; or
(b) That any such opening shall be equipped with a cattle or livestock guard at least 6 feet in width extending to each end of the opening.
(4) The requirements of s. 588.01, shall constitute and be a legal fence to prevent the intrusion of swine where the running at large of swine is not prohibited by law. 1, 2, 3, 8, ch. 25357, 1949; s. 14, ch. 99-391.