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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 951.033
951.033 Income and assets; payment of subsistence costs.
(1) The Legislature finds that there is an urgent need to alleviate the increasing financial burdens on local subdivisions of the state caused by the expenses of incarcerating prisoners. In addition to a prisoner’s cash account on deposit in local detention facilities, many prisoners have sources of income and assets outside of the facility, which may include bank accounts, inheritances, real estate, social security payments, veteran’s payments, and other types of financial resources.
(2) The local detention facility shall determine the financial status of prisoners for the purpose of paying from their income and assets all or a fair portion of their daily subsistence costs. In determining the financial status of prisoners, any income exempt by state or federal law shall be excluded. Consideration shall be given to the prisoner’s ability to pay, the liability or potential liability of the prisoner to the victim or guardian or the estate of the victim, and his or her dependents.
(3) The chief correctional officer of a local subdivision may direct a prisoner to pay for all or a fair portion of daily subsistence costs. A prisoner is entitled to reasonable advance notice of the assessment and shall be afforded an opportunity to present reasons for opposition to the assessment.
(4) An order from the chief correctional officer directing payment of all or a fair portion of a prisoner’s daily subsistence costs may survive against the estate of the sentenced prisoner.
(5) The chief correctional officer may seek payment for the prisoner’s subsistence costs from:
(a) The prisoner’s cash account on deposit at the facility; or
(b) A civil restitution lien on the prisoner’s cash account on deposit at the facility or on other personal property.
(6) If the prisoner’s cash account at the local detention facility does not contain sufficient funds to cover subsistence costs, the chief correctional officer may place a civil restitution lien against the prisoner’s cash account or other personal property. A civil restitution lien may continue for a period of 3 years and applies to the cash account of any prisoner who is reincarcerated within the county in which the civil restitution lien was originated.
History.s. 21, ch. 96-312.