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2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 206.416
206.416 Change in state destination.
(1)(a) A terminal supplier or position holder may sell motor or diesel fuel, other than by bulk transfer, a portion of which fuel is destined for sale or use in this state and a portion of which fuel is destined for sale or use in another state or states. However, such sale shall be documented by the terminal supplier or position holder by issuing shipping papers designating the state of destination for each portion of the fuel.
(b) A licensed terminal supplier, wholesaler, importer, or exporter who intends to sell or use motor fuel in this state which was purchased pursuant to shipping papers bearing an out-of-state destination shall obtain a diversion number issued by the department which shall be manually recorded by the terminal supplier, wholesaler, importer, or exporter on the shipping paper prior to importing the fuel into this state. The terminal supplier, wholesaler, importer, or exporter is liable for reporting and remitting all applicable taxes on fuel with the return required pursuant to s. 206.43.
(c) If a wholesaler or exporter diverts to this state, within 3 consecutive months, more than six loads of fuel which were originally destined for allocation outside the state, the wholesaler or exporter must register as an importer within 30 days after such diversion. A wholesaler or exporter who violates this paragraph is subject to the penalties prescribed under ss. 206.413 and 206.872.
(2)(a) Any person who owns or possesses motor fuel in this state bearing an out-of-state destination on the shipping paper as to which a diversion number has not been issued by the department and manually recorded on the shipping paper, and who cannot prove that the tax imposed under the part has been paid, shall be subject to a specific penalty of $1 per gallon based on the maximum capacity of the product storage tank of the vehicle, plus all applicable taxes, penalties, and interest otherwise imposed under this part on said fuel.
(b) In order to seek relief from any penalty assessed under this subsection, a person may, through the informal protest procedure established under s. 213.21 and the rules of the department, provide the department with evidence that the error was made despite a good faith effort to properly account for and report fuel shipments and taxes. Evidence may include proof of a written or standing order documenting the correct destination placed prior to the shipment, or evidence that demonstrates that the error is not a continuing event.
History.s. 42, ch. 95-417; s. 14, ch. 2003-254.