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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 288.109
288.109 One-Stop Permitting System.
(1) By January 1, 2001, the 1State Technology Office must establish and implement an Internet site for the One-Stop Permitting System. The One-Stop Permitting System Internet site shall provide individuals and businesses with information concerning development permits; guidance on what development permits are needed for particular projects; permit requirements; and who may be contacted for more information concerning a particular development permit for a specific location. The office shall design and construct the Internet site and may competitively procure and contract for services to develop the site. In designing and constructing the Internet site, the office must solicit input from potential users of the site.
(2) The office shall develop the One-Stop Permitting System Internet site to allow an applicant to complete and submit application forms for development permits to agencies and counties. The Internet site must be capable of allowing an applicant to submit payment for permit fees and must provide payment options. After initially establishing the Internet site, the office shall implement, in the most timely manner possible, the capabilities described in this subsection. The office shall also develop a protocol for adding to the One-Stop Permitting System additional state agencies and counties that agree to participate. The office may competitively procure and contract for services to develop such capabilities.
(3) As used in this section, the term “development permit” includes any state, regional, or local permits or approvals necessary for the physical location or expansion of a business, including, but not limited to:
(a) Wetland or environmental resource permits.
(b) Surface water management permits.
(c) Stormwater permits.
(d) Site plan approvals.
(e) Zoning approvals and comprehensive plan amendments.
(f) Building permits.
(g) Transportation concurrency approvals.
(h) Consumptive water-use permits.
(i) Wastewater permits.
(4) The One-Stop Permitting System must initially provide access to the following state agencies, water management districts and counties, with other agencies and counties that agree to participate:
(a) The Department of Environmental Protection.
(b) The Department of Economic Opportunity.
(c) The Department of Management Services.
(d) The Department of Transportation, including district offices.
(e) The Northwest Florida Water Management District.
(f) The St. Johns River Water Management District.
(g) The Southwest Florida Water Management District.
(h) The Suwannee River Water Management District.
(i) The South Florida Water Management District.
(j) Selected counties that agree to participate.
(5) By January 1, 2001, the following state agencies, and the programs within such agencies which require the issuance of licenses, permits, and approvals to businesses, must also be integrated into the One-Stop Permitting System:
(a) The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
(b) The Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
(c) The Department of Health.
(d) The Department of Financial Services.
(e) The Office of Insurance Regulation of the Financial Services Commission.
(f) The Department of Labor.
(g) The Department of Revenue.
(h) The Department of State.
(i) The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
(j) Other state agencies.
(6) The office may add counties and municipalities to the One-Stop Permitting System as such local governments agree to participate and develop the technical capability of joining the system.
(7) To the extent feasible, state agencies are directed to develop and implement online permitting systems.
(8) Section 120.60(1) shall apply to any development permit or license filed under the One-Stop Permitting System, except the 90-day time period for approving or denying a completed application shall be 60 days. In the case of permits issued by the water management districts, each completed application that does not require governing board approval must be approved or denied within 60 days after receipt. However, completed permit applications which must be considered by a water management district governing board shall be approved or denied at the next regularly scheduled meeting after the 60-day period has expired. The 60-day period for approving or denying a complete application does not apply in the case of a development permit application evaluated under a federally delegated or approved permitting program. However, the reviewing agency shall make a good faith effort to act on such permit applications within 60 days.
(9) Each agency shall maintain a record of the time required for that agency to process each application that is filed using the One-Stop Permitting System and submit a report to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by January 1 of each year which compiles such information.
(10) A state agency or water management district is authorized to reduce a development permit fee by 25 percent for applicants who submit a complete application over the Internet when the applicant is not required to submit additional information to the agency or water management district.
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1Note.Section 18, ch. 2007-105, deleted material from s. 282.102 relating to creation of the State Technology Office, and s. 2, ch. 2007-105, removed the reference to the office from the list of divisions and programs under the Department of Management Services in s. 20.22. Section 17, ch. 2009-80, redesignated s. 282.102 as s. 282.702.