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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 513.045

Permit fees.


Each person seeking a permit to establish, operate, or maintain a mobile home park, lodging park, recreational vehicle park, or recreational camp must pay to the department a fee, the amount of which shall be set by rule of the department.


Fees established pursuant to this subsection must be based on the actual costs incurred by the department in carrying out its responsibilities under this chapter. The fee for a permit may not be set at a rate that is more than $6.50 per space or less than $3.50 per space. Until rules setting these fees are adopted by the department, the permit fee per space is $3.50. The permit fee for a nonexempt recreational camp shall be based on an equivalency rate for which two camp occupants equal one space. The total fee assessed to an applicant may not be more than $600 or less than $50, except that a fee may be prorated on a quarterly basis.


A recreational camp operated by a civic, fraternal, educational, or religious organization that does not rent to the public is exempt from the fee requirements of this subsection.


Each local county health department shall collect the fees established pursuant to subsection (1) but may not collect any other fees for such permit.


Fees collected under this section shall be deposited in the County Health Department Trust Fund, to be administered by the department, and shall be used solely for actual costs incurred in implementing and enforcing this act.


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As amended by s. 16, ch. 93-120, and s. 147, ch. 97-101. Subsection (3) was also amended by s. 6, ch. 93-150, and s. 148, ch. 97-101, and that version reads:

(3) All fees collected by the department in accordance with this section and the rules adopted under this section shall be deposited into the respective county health department trust fund administered by the department for the payment of costs incurred in administering this chapter.