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2010 Florida Statutes

Definitions relating to Florida Propane Gas Education, Safety, and Research Act.
F.S. 527.21

Definitions relating to Florida Propane Gas Education, Safety, and Research Act.

As used in ss. 527.20, the term:


“Council” means the Florida Propane Gas Education, Safety, and Research Council created by this act.


“Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Agriculture or the commissioner’s designee.


“Dealer” means a business engaged primarily in selling propane gas and its appliances and equipment to the ultimate consumer or to retail propane gas dispensers.


“Department” means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


“Education” means any action to provide information to consumers and to members of the propane gas industry concerning propane gas, propane gas use equipment, mechanical and technical practices, and propane gas uses.


“Manufacturer and distributor of propane gas use equipment” means any person or firm engaged in manufacturing, assembling, and marketing appliances, containers, and products used in the propane gas industry, and any person or firm engaged in the wholesale marketing of appliances, containers, and products used in the propane gas industry.


“Marketing” means the establishment of plans and programs for advertising, sales promotion, and education to maintain present markets or to create new or larger markets for propane gas without reference to a private brand or trade name.


“Marketing order” means an order issued by the department prescribing rules governing the distribution, or handling in any manner, of propane gas in the state during any specified period or periods.


“Person” means any individual, group of individuals, association, cooperative, corporation, firm, or other entity.


“Producer” means the owner of propane gas at the time it is recovered at a manufacturing facility, irrespective of the state where production occurs.


“Propane” includes propane, butane, mixtures, and liquefied petroleum gas as defined by the National Fire Protection Association Standard 58 For The Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases.


“Public member” means a state resident, citizen-at-large member of the council who is representative of the views of the general public toward propane gas use and selected from among private nonindustrial or noncommercial users of propane gas.


“Qualified industry organization” means the National Propane Gas Association, the Florida Propane Gas Association, or a successor association.


“Research” means any type of study, investigation, or other activity designed to advance the image, desirability, usage, marketability, efficiency, and safety of propane gas and propane gas use equipment and to further the development of such information and products.


“Retail marketer class” means those persons who sell or produce propane gas.


“Transporter” means any person involved in the commercial transportation of propane gas by pipeline, truck, rail, or water.


“Wholesaler” or “reseller” means a seller of propane gas who is not a producer and who does not sell propane gas to the ultimate consumer.


s. 1, ch. 97-105.