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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 893.07



Every person who engages in the manufacture, compounding, mixing, cultivating, growing, or by any other process producing or preparing, or in the dispensing, importation, or, as a wholesaler, distribution, of controlled substances shall:


On January 1, 1974, or as soon thereafter as any person first engages in such activity, and every second year thereafter, make a complete and accurate record of all stocks of controlled substances on hand. The inventory may be prepared on the regular physical inventory date which is nearest to, and does not vary by more than 6 months from, the biennial date that would otherwise apply. As additional substances are designated for control under this chapter, they shall be inventoried as provided for in this subsection.


On and after January 1, 1974, maintain, on a current basis, a complete and accurate record of each substance manufactured, received, sold, delivered, or otherwise disposed of by him or her, except that this subsection shall not require the maintenance of a perpetual inventory.

Compliance with the provisions of federal law pertaining to the keeping of records of controlled substances shall be deemed a compliance with the requirements of this subsection.


The record of controlled substances received shall in every case show:


The date of receipt.


The name and address of the person from whom received.


The kind and quantity of controlled substances received.


The record of all controlled substances sold, administered, dispensed, or otherwise disposed of shall show:


The date of selling, administering, or dispensing.


The correct name and address of the person to whom or for whose use, or the owner and species of animal for which, sold, administered, or dispensed.


The kind and quantity of controlled substances sold, administered, or dispensed.


Every inventory or record required by this chapter, including prescription records, shall be maintained:


Separately from all other records of the registrant, or


Alternatively, in the case of Schedule III, IV, or V controlled substances, in such form that information required by this chapter is readily retrievable from the ordinary business records of the registrant.

In either case, records shall be kept and made available for a period of at least 2 years for inspection and copying by law enforcement officers whose duty it is to enforce the laws of this state relating to controlled substances.


Each person shall maintain a record which shall contain a detailed list of controlled substances lost, destroyed, or stolen, if any; the kind and quantity of such controlled substances; and the date of the discovering of such loss, destruction, or theft.


s. 7, ch. 73-331; s. 1439, ch. 97-102.