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2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 624.402
624.402 Exceptions, certificate of authority required.A certificate of authority shall not be required of an insurer with respect to:
(1) Investigation, settlement, or litigation of claims under its policies lawfully written in this state, or liquidation of assets and liabilities of the insurer (other than collection of new premiums), all as resulting from its former authorized operations in this state.
(2) Transactions involving a policy, subsequent to issuance thereof, covering only subjects of insurance not resident, located, or expressly to be performed in this state at the time of issuance, and lawfully solicited, written, or delivered outside this state.
(3) Transactions pursuant to surplus lines coverages lawfully written under part VIII of chapter 626.
(4) Reinsurance, when transacted as authorized under s. 624.610.
(5) Continuation and servicing of life insurance or health insurance policies or annuity contracts remaining in force as to residents of this state when the insurer has withdrawn from the state and is not transacting new insurance therein.
(6) Investment by a foreign insurer of its funds in real estate in this state or in securities secured thereby, if the foreign insurer complies with the laws of this state relating generally to foreign business corporations.
(7) Transactions involving hospital professional, hospital liability, and hospital general liability insurance issued to a resident of this state by a captive insurance company, provided:
(a) The captive insurance company is domiciled in a United States jurisdiction, the insurance regulatory body of which has been accredited by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners;
(b) The insured owns or controls, or holds with the power to vote, a percentage of the voting securities of such captive insurance company which is equal to or greater than the greatest percentage of voting securities owned or controlled by any other person;
(c) The captive insurance company files an insurance premium tax return in this state and pays the tax on such insurance premiums imposed by s. 624.509(1) or s. 624.5091, whichever is greater;
(d) The captive insurance company has insured no more than three hospitals in Florida;
(e) The captive insurance company has been in existence for at least 3 years as of July 1, 1992; and
(f) The captive insurance company maintains a surplus of at least $1.5 million in accordance with the laws of its state of domicile.
(8)(a) An insurer domiciled outside the United States covering only persons who, at the time of issuance or renewal, are nonresidents of the United States if:
1. The insurer or any affiliated person as defined in s. 624.04 under common ownership or control with the insurer does not solicit, sell, or accept application for any insurance policy or contract to be delivered or issued for delivery to any person in any state;
2. The insurer registers with the office via a letter of notification upon commencing business from this state;
3. The insurer provides the following information, in English, to the office annually by March 1:
a. The name of the insurer; the country of domicile; the address of the insurer’s principal office and office in this state; the names of the owners of the insurer and their percentage of ownership; the names of the officers and directors of the insurer; the name, e-mail, and telephone number of a contact person for the insurer; and the number of individuals who are employed by the insurer or its affiliates in this state;
b. The lines of insurance and types of products offered by the insurer;
c. A statement from the applicable regulatory body of the insurer’s domicile certifying that the insurer is licensed or registered for those lines of insurance and types of products in that domicile; and
d. A copy of the filings required by the applicable regulatory body of the insurer’s country of domicile in that country’s official language or in English, if available;
4. All certificates, policies, or contracts issued in this state showing coverage under the insurer’s policy include the following statement in a contrasting color and at least 10-point type: “The policy providing your coverage and the insurer providing this policy have not been approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation”; and
5. In the event the insurer ceases to do business from this state, the insurer will provide written notification to the office within 30 days after cessation.
(b) For purposes of this subsection, “nonresident” means a person who resides in and maintains a physical place of domicile in a country other than the United States, which he or she recognizes as and intends to maintain as his or her permanent home. A nonresident does not include an unauthorized immigrant present in the United States. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it is conclusively presumed, for purposes of this subsection, that a person is a resident of the United States if such person has:
1. Had his or her principal place of domicile in the United States for 180 days or more in the 365 days prior to issuance or renewal of the policy;
2. Registered to vote in any state;
3. Made a statement of domicile in any state; or
4. Filed for homestead tax exemption on property in any state.
(c) Subject to the limitations provided in this subsection, services, including those listed in s. 624.10, may be provided by the insurer or an affiliated person as defined in s. 624.04 under common ownership or control with the insurer.
(d) An alien insurer transacting insurance in this state without complying with this subsection shall be in violation of this chapter and subject to the penalties provided in s. 624.15.
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