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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 255.255
255.255 Life-cycle costs.
(1) The department shall adopt rules and procedures, including energy conservation performance guidelines based on sustainable building ratings, for conducting a life-cycle cost analysis of alternative architectural and engineering designs and alternative major items of energy-consuming equipment to be retrofitted in existing state-owned facilities and for developing energy performance indices to evaluate the efficiency of energy utilization for competing designs in the construction of state-financed and leased facilities.
(2) Such life-cycle costs shall be the sum of:
(a) The reasonably expected fuel costs over the life of the building, as determined by the department, that are required to maintain illumination, power, temperature, humidity, and ventilation and all other energy-consuming equipment in a facility, and
(b) The reasonable costs of probable maintenance, including labor and materials, and operation of the building.
(3) To determine the life-cycle costs as defined in paragraph (2)(b), the department shall promulgate rules that shall include, but not be limited to:
(a) The orientation and integration of the facility with respect to its physical site.
(b) The amount and type of glass employed in the facility and the directions of exposure.
(c) The effect of insulation incorporated into the facility design and the effect on solar utilization of the properties of external surfaces.
(d) The variable occupancy and operating conditions of the facility and subportions of the facility.
(e) An energy consumption analysis of the major equipment of the facility‚Äôs heating, ventilating, and cooling system, lighting system, hot water system, and all other major energy-consuming equipment and systems as appropriate. This analysis shall include:
1. The comparison of alternative systems.
2. A projection of the annual energy consumption of major energy-consuming equipment and systems for a range of operation of the facility over the life of the facility.
3. The evaluation of the energy consumption of component equipment in each system, considering the operation of such components at other than full or rated outputs.
(4) Such rules shall be based on the best currently available methods of analysis, including such as those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and other federal agencies and professional societies and materials developed by the department. Provisions shall be made for an annual updating of rules and standards as required.
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