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The Florida Senate

2015 Florida Statutes

F.S. 484.044
484.044 Authority to make rules.
(1) The board has authority to adopt rules pursuant to ss. 120.536(1) and 120.54 to implement the provisions of this part conferring duties upon it.
(2) The board shall adopt rules requiring that each prospective purchaser of a hearing aid be notified by the attending hearing aid specialist, at the time of the initial examination for fitting and sale of a hearing aid, of telecoil, “t” coil, or “t” switch technology. The rules shall further require that hearing aid specialists make available to prospective purchasers or clients information regarding telecoils, “t” coils, or “t” switches. These rules shall be effective on or before October 1, 1994. 14, 18, ch. 83-153; ss. 1, 7, ch. 84-94; ss. 4, 19, 20, ch. 86-283; s. 22, ch. 90-341; s. 11, ch. 90-345; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 334, ch. 94-119; s. 7, ch. 94-160; s. 157, ch. 98-200.