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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

242 Sections found

Chapter Title
373.012 Topographic mapping.
373.013 Short title.
373.016 Declaration of policy.
373.019 Definitions.
373.023 Scope and application.
373.026 General powers and duties of the department.
373.033 Saltwater barrier line.
373.036 Florida water plan; district water management plans.
373.0363 Southern Water Use Caution Area Recovery Strategy.
373.037 Pilot program for alternative water supply development in restricted allocation areas.
373.0397 Floridan and Biscayne aquifers; designation of prime groundwater recharge areas.
373.042 Minimum flows and minimum water levels.
373.0421 Establishment and implementation of minimum flows and minimum water levels.
373.043 Adoption and enforcement of rules by the department.
373.044 Rules; enforcement; availability of personnel rules.
373.046 Interagency agreements.
373.0465 Central Florida Water Initiative.
373.047 Cooperation between districts.
373.056 State agencies, counties, drainage districts, municipalities, or governmental agencies or public corporations authorized to convey or receive land from water management districts.
373.069 Creation of water management districts.
373.0691 Transfer of areas.
373.0693 Basins; basin boards.
373.0695 Duties of basin boards; authorized expenditures.
373.0697 Basin taxes.
373.0698 Creation and operation of basin boards; other laws superseded.
373.073 Governing board.
373.076 Vacancies in the governing board; removal from office.
373.079 Members of governing board; oath of office; staff.
373.083 General powers and duties of the governing board.
373.084 District works, operation by other governmental agencies.
373.085 Use of works or land by other districts or private persons.
373.086 Providing for district works.
373.087 District works using aquifer for storage and supply.
373.088 Application fees for certain real estate transactions.
373.089 Sale or exchange of lands, or interests or rights in lands.
373.093 Lease of lands or interest in land and personal property.
373.096 Releases.
373.099 Execution of instruments.
373.103 Powers which may be vested in the governing board at the department’s discretion.
373.106 Permit required for construction involving underground formation.
373.107 Citation of rule.
373.109 Permit application fees.
373.113 Adoption of rules by the governing board.
373.1131 Consolidated action on permits.
373.1135 Small business program.
373.114 Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission; review of district rules and orders; department review of district rules.
373.116 Procedure for water use and impoundment construction permit applications.
373.117 Certification by professional engineer.
373.1175 Signing and sealing by professional geologists.
373.118 General permits; delegation.
373.119 Administrative enforcement procedures; orders.
373.123 Penalty.
373.129 Maintenance of actions.
373.136 Enforcement of regulations and orders.
373.139 Acquisition of real property.
373.1391 Management of real property.
373.1395 Limitation on liability of water management district with respect to areas made available to the public for recreational purposes without charge.
373.1401 Management of lands of water management districts.
373.145 Information program regarding hydrologic conditioning and consumption of major surface and groundwater sources.
373.146 Publication of notices, process, and papers.
373.149 Existing districts preserved.
373.1501 South Florida Water Management District as local sponsor.
373.1502 Regulation of comprehensive plan project components.
373.171 Rules.
373.1725 Notice of intent by publication.
373.175 Declaration of water shortage; emergency orders.
373.185 Local Florida-friendly landscaping ordinances.
373.187 Water management district implementation of Florida-friendly landscaping.
373.199 Florida Forever Water Management District Work Plan.
373.200 Seminole Tribe Water Rights Compact.
373.203 Definitions.
373.206 Artesian wells; flow regulated.
373.207 Abandoned artesian wells.
373.209 Artesian wells; penalties for violation.
373.213 Certain artesian wells exempt.
373.216 Implementation of program for regulating the consumptive use of water.
373.217 Superseded laws and regulations.
373.219 Permits required.
373.223 Conditions for a permit.
373.2234 Preferred water supply sources.
373.2235 Effect of prior land acquisition on consumptive use permitting.
373.224 Existing permits.
373.226 Existing uses.
373.227 Water conservation; legislative findings and intent; objectives; comprehensive statewide water conservation program requirements.
373.228 Landscape irrigation design.
373.229 Application for permit.
373.2295 Interdistrict transfers of groundwater.
373.22951 Validation of prior agreements between water management districts.
373.232 Citation of rule.
373.233 Competing applications.
373.236 Duration of permits; compliance reports.
373.239 Modification and renewal of permit terms.
373.243 Revocation of permits.
373.244 Temporary permits.
373.246 Declaration of water shortage or emergency.
373.249 Existing regulatory districts preserved.
373.250 Reuse of reclaimed water.
373.302 Legislative findings.
373.303 Definitions.
373.306 Scope.
373.308 Implementation of programs for regulating water wells.
373.309 Authority to adopt rules and procedures.
373.313 Prior permission and notification.
373.314 Citation of rule.
373.316 Existing installations.
373.319 Inspections.
373.323 Licensure of water well contractors; application, qualifications, and examinations; equipment identification.
373.324 License renewal.
373.325 Inactive status.
373.326 Exemptions.
373.329 Fees for licensure.
373.333 Disciplinary guidelines; adoption and enforcement; license suspension or revocation.
373.335 Clearinghouse.
373.336 Unlawful acts; penalties.
373.337 Rules.
373.342 Permits.
373.403 Definitions.
373.406 Exemptions.
373.407 Determination of qualification for an agricultural-related exemption.
373.409 Headgates, valves, and measuring devices.
373.413 Permits for construction or alteration.
373.4131 Statewide environmental resource permitting rules.
373.4132 Dry storage facility permitting.
373.4133 Port conceptual permits.
373.4135 Mitigation banks and offsite regional mitigation.
373.4136 Establishment and operation of mitigation banks.
373.4137 Mitigation requirements for specified transportation projects.
373.4138 High Speed Rail Project; determination of mitigation requirements and costs.
373.4139 Local government transportation infrastructure mitigation requirements.
373.414 Additional criteria for activities in surface waters and wetlands.
373.4141 Permits; processing.
373.4142 Water quality within stormwater treatment systems.
373.4143 Declaration of policy.
373.4144 Federal environmental permitting.
373.4145 Part IV permitting program within the geographical jurisdiction of the Northwest Florida Water Management District.
373.4146 State assumption of the federal Clean Water Act, section 404 dredge and fill permitting program.
373.4149 Miami-Dade County Lake Belt Plan.
373.41492 Miami-Dade County Lake Belt Mitigation Plan; mitigation for mining activities within the Miami-Dade County Lake Belt.
373.41495 Lake Belt Mitigation Trust Fund; bonds.
373.415 Protection zones; duties of the St. Johns River Water Management District.
373.416 Permits for maintenance or operation.
373.417 Citation of rule.
373.418 Rulemaking; preservation of existing authority.
373.4185 List of flocculants permitted.
373.419 Completion report.
373.421 Delineation methods; formal determinations.
373.4211 Ratification of chapter 17-340, Florida Administrative Code, on the delineation of the landward extent of wetlands and surface waters.
373.422 Applications for activities on state sovereignty lands or other state lands.
373.423 Inspection.
373.426 Abandonment.
373.427 Concurrent permit review.
373.4271 Conduct of challenge to consolidated environmental resource permit or associated variance or sovereign submerged lands authorization issued in connection with deepwater ports.
373.4275 Review of consolidated orders.
373.428 Federal consistency.
373.429 Revocation and modification of permits.
373.430 Prohibitions, violation, penalty, intent.
373.433 Abatement.
373.436 Remedial measures.
373.439 Emergency measures.
373.441 Role of counties, municipalities, and local pollution control programs in permit processing; delegation.
373.4415 Role of Miami-Dade County in processing permits for limerock mining in Miami-Dade County Lake Belt.
373.443 Immunity from liability.
373.451 Short title; legislative findings and intent.
373.453 Surface water improvement and management plans and programs.
373.459 Funds for surface water improvement and management.
373.4591 Improvements on private agricultural lands.
373.4592 Everglades improvement and management.
373.45922 South Florida Water Management District; permit for completion of Everglades Construction Project; report.
373.45924 South Florida Water Management District; Everglades truth in borrowing.
373.45926 Everglades Trust Fund; allocation of revenues and expenditure of funds for conservation and protection of natural resources and abatement of water pollution.
373.4593 Florida Bay Restoration.
373.45931 Alligator Alley tolls; Everglades and Florida Bay restoration.
373.4595 Northern Everglades and Estuaries Protection Program.
373.4596 State compliance with stormwater management programs.
373.4597 The Geneva Freshwater Lens Protection Act.
373.4598 Water storage reservoirs.
373.461 Lake Apopka improvement and management.
373.462 Legislative findings and intent.
373.463 Heartland headwaters annual report.
373.467 The Harris Chain of Lakes Restoration Council.
373.468 The Harris Chain of Lakes restoration program.
373.470 Everglades restoration.
373.472 Save Our Everglades Trust Fund.
373.475 Water storage facility revolving loan fund.
373.501 Appropriation of funds to water management districts.
373.503 Manner of taxation.
373.506 Costs of district.
373.5071 Audit report; furnishing to governing board and clerks of circuit courts.
373.535 Preliminary district budgets.
373.536 District budget and hearing thereon.
373.539 Imposition of taxes.
373.543 Land held by Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund; areas not taxed.
373.546 Unit areas.
373.553 Treasurer of the board; payment of funds; depositories.
373.559 May borrow money temporarily.
373.563 Bonds.
373.566 Refunding bonds.
373.569 Bond election.
373.573 Bonds to be validated.
373.576 Sale of bonds.
373.579 Proceeds from taxes for bond purposes.
373.583 Registration of bonds.
373.584 Revenue bonds.
373.586 Unpaid warrants to draw interest.
373.59 Payment in lieu of taxes for lands acquired for water management district purposes.
373.5905 Reinstatement of payments in lieu of taxes; duration.
373.591 Management review teams.
373.603 Power to enforce.
373.604 Awards to employees for meritorious service.
373.605 Group insurance for water management districts.
373.6055 Criminal history checks for certain water management district employees and others.
373.607 Minority business enterprise procurement goals; implementation of recommendations.
373.608 Patents, copyrights, and trademarks.
373.609 Enforcement; city and county officers to assist.
373.610 Defaulting contractors.
373.611 Modification or limitation of remedy.
373.613 Penalties.
373.614 Unlawful damage to district property or works; penalty.
373.616 Liberal construction.
373.6161 Chapter to be liberally construed.
373.617 Judicial review relating to permits and licenses.
373.618 Public service warnings, alerts, and announcements.
373.619 Recognition of water and sewer-saving devices.
373.62 Water conservation; automatic sprinkler systems.
373.621 Water conservation.
373.63 Preference to State University System in award of projects or studies.
373.69 Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Compact.
373.701 Declaration of policy.
373.703 Water production; general powers and duties.
373.705 Water resource development; water supply development.
373.707 Alternative water supply development.
373.709 Regional water supply planning.
373.711 Technical assistance to local governments.
373.713 Regional water supply authorities.
373.715 Assistance to West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority.
373.801 Legislative findings and intent.
373.802 Definitions.
373.803 Delineation of priority focus areas for Outstanding Florida Springs.
373.805 Minimum flows and minimum water levels for Outstanding Florida Springs.
373.807 Protection of water quality in Outstanding Florida Springs.
373.811 Prohibited activities within a priority focus area.
373.813 Rules.